Visual BSL videos

craig heart sample 540p
craig heart sample 540p

We have plans to develop at least two series of presentations:

Health Issues series: Increases health literacy on health common health conditions, including but not limited to:

● Cardiovascular disease/Coronary Heart Disease

● Diabetes

● Mental Health

● Smoking Cessation

● Obesity and Weight Management

● Strokes

● Cancer

● Alcohol

● Asthma

● Sexual Health

● Colds and Flu

● Childhood immunizations

Primary Care Services series: Educates Deaf patients on how to use Primary Care Services, what kinds of services are offered at a GP surgery, and patient expectations.

● What is a GP, how has their role changed?

● What qualifies as an emergency?

● What is the 111 service and how should it be used?

● Accessing patient information

● Using online patient services for bookings, consulting, and prescription renewal

● What services are offered by a pharmacy, what health advice do they offer?

● How does a GP refer you for treatment?