Empowered Patients


(Image courtesy of Enterprising Barnsley)

Our mission to explain and educate is squarely aimed at transforming Deaf NHS service-use through empowerment. We believe that empowered patients will be better prepared to use NHS services appropriately and confidently, contributing to higher rates of self-care among Deaf patient families.

Empowered patients are better situated to fulfil the level of involvement in the development and commissioning of services, as we have pioneered at Health Deafinitions. The potential intra-community impact of an empowered Deaf patient that advocates for good service use, best-practices and involvement is tremendous.

A recent All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health report described the ’empowered patient’:

  • ‘Better understanding their condition
  • Participating in making decisions about their care
  • Being supported to better self-manage their health and treatment
  • Expressing their views and preferences in a way that makes a meaningful difference
  • Feeling confident to ask questions and challenge professionals and organisations
  • Having the chance to join networks or groups of other patients in similar circumstances.’