(Image courtesy of Enterprising Barnsley)

The challenge presented in the commissioning of pioneering services is that substantial data on Deaf service-use and commissioning of like services is hard to establish. However, we are aware of the following costs of the current status-quo of Deaf people’s service-use

GP and other NHS appointments with a BSL interpreter cost around £202 per appointment, inclusive of a two hour time slot for a 15 minute appointment and travel- this is the ‘Just Interpreter’ approach that is generally confusing and unhelpful for many Deaf patients

Deaf patient ‘Did Not Attend’ rates are among the highest, with additional 625,000 appointments that cost the NHS £100 per patient each year

Health Deafinitions’ costs as a non-profit organization are minimal and highly effective considering these figures and the large amounts of public funds spent trying to reach a community it cannot communicate with, which lacks health literacy. Our services are also developed and produced in-house, further minimising to the cost of our products. Providing a DVD or online access to our videos achieve long-term value and cost-effective access. This also moves information access into the Information Era through ‘paperless’ technology, decreasing the proliferation of other formats that are less instructive