The Health Deafinitions Package


(Image courtesy of Enterprising Barnsley)

The range of services offered by Health Deafinitions is based on a modular approach that is bespoke to the needs of your organisation. Package Options include the following. As your CCG may have a Deaf community with varying needs we encourage you to meeting with us to discuss how these options can work best for your patients and budget.

All of our health education based material is accredited by The Information Standard and developed in partnership with the Deaf community, through our volunteer network and community liaisons

    • Health Issues video series (such as CHD, diabetes, mental health)
    • Primary Care video series (such as how to use Primary Care, what GP services do)
    • Video Formats available in DVDs and online, mobile app
    • BSL Glossary of Health terminology: this will include sign research and design and video component
    • Deaf Awareness Training: we offer a day seminar package, and also bespoke video training that can be reused for new trainees
    • Grassroots community engagement and research
    • Communication support services: including online video chat and interpretation relay

Example of a Health Deafinitions’ package: Primary Care

    • As part of our proposal for increasing Deaf access to Primary Care we outlined the below work flow over a three year contract. The costing for this scale of package is based on Deaf, BSL-user population of 100,000 NHS patients, please contact us directly for further information on this sample and specific pricing