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Safe and Sound – The Uk’s First Deaf Healthy Living Centre!

Health Deafinitions are excited to be opening the Uk’s First Deaf Health Living Centre. Its aim is to provide a service that improves the health and wellbeing of Deaf Community in South Yorkshire. Our unique services will help residents in preventing worsening health and isolation of deaf people, reducing missed appointment rates, and reducing treatment rates for deaf patients. We will provide drop-in and one-stop-shop for Deaf people that will reflect the community’s needs. This will include the provision of health education in the following areas; Heart health, healthy eating, activity, stop smoking, mental health, pregnancy, childhood illnesses and immunisations, this can also include Medical Language training and support pre appointment. We will be able to talk to the community about how to use NHS Choices, NHS 111, and online tools for health. The Community can benefit from learning about how to access and use their own patient records and will be supported with a team of medically-aware BSL interpreters when needed for health appointments. Each user will be given a self-assessment record of each individual’s health, and their level of understanding/knowledge. The link Health Deafinitions has with the local Deaf community means that we are able to find out the health needs of our community and adjust our services to match.  Health Deafinitions welcome GP referrals of Deaf patients.

NHS Health Check

The NHS Health Check programme aims to help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and certain types of dementia. Everyone between the ages of 40 and 74, who has not already been diagnosed with one of these conditions or have certain risk factors, will be invited to have a check to assess their risk of developing any of these conditions and will be given support and advice to help or manage that risk. This is a massive focus on prevention – on catching the early symptoms of these life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses to give individuals the chance to avoid and/or reduce the worsening of their conditions.

Unfortunately, too many deaf people don’t understand what Health Checks are for, what the benefits would be and what to expect if they get the letter inviting them to make a Health Check appointment. This can mean that they don’t have that chance of catching earlier symptoms and getting support to make simple lifestyle changes, or medication support, to improve their health.

To better support deaf people in understanding the Health Check programme, Health Deafinitions is currently producing a BSL video to spread the word of the NHS health check to the deaf community. This video will inform the viewers the importance of attending the health check and what will happen in the check. As always, we provide much more than ‘just a translation’ but make the information come to life in an accurate and visual way. Health Check video coming soon….

Deaf Healthy Day

Health Deafinitions were proud to take part in the Deaf Healthy Day held on the 31st January 2015 at Barnsley Town Hall. This event gave BSL service users the chance to see what health services are doing to answer the comments from the event held in March 2014.

Healthwatch Barnsley in partnership with Barnsley Council, Leeds Involving People, Health Deafinitions and Barnsley’s DEAForum hosted the day which was attended by many of the local areas Deaf Community along with Barnsley Hospital, SWYFT, members of Barnsley CCG and Mike Austin the Chair of Barnsley Practice managers meetings.

Rt. Hon Dan Jarvis MP officially opened the day welcoming everyone to the event.

Health Deafinitions produced a video in BSL to explain about Health and Wellbeing services titled “who we are and what we do”. The attendees were then shown videos of the feedback from the last event about the actions that will be taken by providers to improve access to services for the Deaf Community

The afternoon comprised of workshops where people were asked to participate in 2 out of the 4 workshops

-GP Services

-Mental Health Services

-Healthy lifestyle and Healthy Promotion Services

-Hospital Services